The Studio Fromme & Blum We sell product design and effective organization structures

Without compromises and without frills. We only think of chrome-rockets, in case the NASA or ESA (or maybe the Russians) instruct us with the kitchen design for their Mars-Colonization-Program. Meanwhile, we concentrate on our earthly existence and ask ourselves, when on earth razor manufacturers realize that five blades are completely enough and that the word “world first” for them and others should be an off-limit (should be a tabu). Between all this our thoughts are circulating with espresso and good cuisine. Now back to where we’ve started: to the moon and back. All what counts are the “great (big) things” – we call it rational design (shaping) and playful mirth (exhilaration). We cannot wait for our composition.


Fromme & Blum has been founded by Ricky Fromme and Jo Blum in Berlin & Munich 2016. We consider ourselves as an interdisciplinary duo for designing products and creating organization structures with social responsibility, sense and madness.


For ideas, prOjects, invitations and proposals of all kinds please contact us at
+49 15112064200


About Ricky & Jo

Ricky Fromme:

Product designer (HS Wismar), Master of Arts (Creative Direction, HS Pforzheim), last employed freelance designer at Meta Design Berlin, worked for clients such as Activision, Amazon, Apple, Audi AG, Blackberry, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Nintendo, Seagate Technology, Sony, Ubisoft and Volkswagen AG. During his work as a designer and product developer at Cosmosupplylab in Hongkong, Ricky achieved valuable experiences in product developement & production process in China.


Jo Blum:

Communication designer (HTWG Konstanz), Master of Arts (Creative Direction, HS Pforzheim), last employed as Director of Concept Development at CAMAO AG München, especially worked in the strategy conception and counselling area (section) include Allianz Deutschland, BayWa AG, BMW AG, Calvin Klein, Davidoff Fragrances, Deutsche Telekom AG, Guerlain, La Prairie, Motel One, Sony Home Entertainment, Tirol Werbung and Zurich Versicherungen. Jo could achieve extensive views into the international design scene during his journey with stops in different agencies such as Studio Ghibli (Tokyo), Art Lebedev (Moskow), Stardust (New York), Buck (Los Angeles), Digital Kitchen (Seattle) and Karlssonwilker (New York).




Studio Fromme & Blum Kulinarik, Culinary Crossover, Berlin meets Munich


 Studio Fromme & Blum, walking around in Berlin